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Recent talks of the group members in the scientific meetings​

December 29, 2019

The 69th Symposium of the Israel Society for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Artem Panchenko, Ekaterina Podolskaya and Igor Berinskii

Coarse-grain modeling of the elastic behavior of single-layer molybdenum disulfide

September 2-6, 2019

10th International Conference Auxetics and other materials and models with “negative” characteristics


15th International Workshop Auxetics and related systems

Dr.Igor Berinskii

Discrete modelling and simulation of auxetic lattice materials

July 28 - August 1, 2019

15th National Congress on Computational Mechanics

Austin, Texas, USA

Dr.Igor Berinskii

Discrete Models to Simulate Cellular Materials


June 24-28, 2019

International conference “Advanced Problems in Mechanics”

St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr.Igor Berinskii

Elastic properties and wave propogation in auxetic lattice materials.

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